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Carol L. Edward: Immigration Attorney Seattle, Business Visas, Family Visas, Immigration Court and Litigation

  • Business Visas

    Technology continues to transform business into a global marketplace. The Law Offices of Carol L. Edward & Associates, P.S., realize the extensive amount of resources that companies invest in hiring qualified individuals from around the world. As an employee, your opportunity to work in the United States must be processed as efficiently and accurately as possible to save employers time and money.

  • Family Visas

    Each day, immigration attorneys Carol Edward, Eric Lin Leta Sanchez and Genevieve Hayton ease the anxiety of clients awaiting a reunion with loved ones or waiting for the "official paperwork" to arrive. The Law Offices of carol L. Edward & Associates, P.S., welcome the opportunity to assist you with obtaining the proper immigration legal work, to keep families together and to reunite family members from around the world. We are personally committed to making sure the proper paperwork is filed so that your family case is processed as quickly and safely as possible.

  • Immigration Court and Litigation

    The Law Offices of Carol L. Edward & Associates, P.S., represent clients in citizenship and naturalization matters before Immigration Judges, the Board of Immigration Appeals, US District Courts, and Federal Courts of Appeal. Ms. Edward is also licensed to practice before the United States Supreme Court.

    A distinct advantage in hiring our offices is that we are is prepared to litigate issues on your behalf. We are also well aware of the common pitfalls to avoid, so that litigation isn’t necessary. Many immigration firms do not litigate complicated immigration issues but instead refer them out to other firms.

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